Venue: Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India | Date: 24th-26th October 2024

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The Pharma India Expo 2024

Current Challenges, Innovation, Opportunities & Advanced Technology in Pharma & Healthcare Industry.

24-25-26 October, 2024

Venue: Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India


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About The Pharma India Expo 2024

Co-Hosted with “Pharma Summit 2024”
International Conference on Biotech - Pharma - Healthcare-Technologies

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Pharma India Expo - An International Exhibition & Conference on Pharma and Healthcare Technologies focusing on the Future of the Pharma & Healthcare Industries transitioning to a fully digitized industry worldwide.

Professionals from across the globe will converge to share their knowledge, and experience in creating future assets using cutting edge technologies. This international event will be a focused and dedicated platform for professionals from all the major industries including Pharma, IT, Healthcare, & Biotech Start-ups to discuss, and share knowledge, expertise and experience.

The expo & conference is expected to be attended by over 500 delegates & 400+ Exhibitors from across the globe, including researchers, regulators , and enforcement agencies, practitioners, policymakers, industry representatives, academics and students working in the fields of Life Science, Technology and Healthcare.

Discuss potential solutions and research that will highlight current science, management issues and new trends benefiting the industry across all regions.

Public sector, private industry and service providers are rapidly transforming with technology initiatives and implementations. We explore and analyse these trends in collaboration with government agencies to provide better service to industry stakeholders.

Technology upgrades in the Pharma & Healthcare sectors using the most appropriate tools and technologies is imperative. Our offerings bridge the gap for solution providers, regulators, Policymakers and educators, facilitating integration into the new world order across the Pharma & Healthcare Technical spectrum.

Pharma India Expo - the leading International Exhibition & Conference on Pharma- Healthcare- Technology Industries- is the perfect place for networking, and exchange of knowledge, ideas and information. The industry meeting of the year offers an overview for all Industry Experts of the important findings and innovations across the industry

Discover the products, services and solutions from some 400+ exhibitors. Experience a comprehensive, authoritative lecture program with over 200 contributions from more than 100 speakers and gain exposure to a wealth of knowledge in one place. Exchange ideas with colleagues and expand your network with new and valuable contacts.

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